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Specialized Enduro Ohlins Shock

Specialized Enduro Ohlins Shock
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The Ohlins Enduro Shock Absorber for 26/650B/29 provides the ultimate in low-hysteresis damping performance for enduro riding & racing, whether it's in straight line or side load scenario. The Shock Absorber also features a three-way external adjust for high- and low-speed compression, as well as rebound, for total fine-tuning capability. The adjustment ranges are intuitive, as well, with external adjustments for high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and rebound damping. Spring rates are also highly adjustable for all weights, effectively rounding out the shock as the complete enduro package.

- It's the original gold standard for moto, and now, it's the gold standard for enduro.
- Upper eyelet pin reducer hardware specific for the Enduro 26/650B/29.
- Internal bladder features a motocross-inspired design, plucked ripe from the MX legends at Ohlins.
- Ultra-fine spring rates ensure the perfect spring rate across all weights. This guarantees optimal performance for any setup. *Please note that springs are sold separately.
- Designed for external adjustments for high- and low-speed compression, as well as rebound damping.
- Compatible with Enduro 26 model year 2014.
- Compatible with Enduro 650B from model years 2015 to 2016.
- Compatible with Enduro 29 from model years 2013 to 2016.
- Compatible with MY17 & MY18 Enduro 29 and 650B models.